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About Us

About MT Group

Founded in 1992, MT Group is a leading innovation and design driven playground equipment manufacturer in India. We offer a complete range of play equipments that cater the needs of a wide spectrum of clients across India. As a renowned playground equipment supplier, MT Group has built the capability to meet the most stringent production targets in stipulated time frames. We ensure our products reflect the best in quality, features, and colors making school-goers happier.

Our products stand out for their striking designs that become attention-grabbers anywhere they go. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that each product is user-friendly, safe and durable. Our products stand out for their striking designs and become attention grabbers everywhere they go.


To offer children high quality and friendly environments where they can play and grow.


To become the leading playground equipment manufacturers through innovation , quality focus and customer oriented products at competitive prices and timely delivery.

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